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Dynamic Health Maqui Plus Juice 946ml
  • Dynamic Health Maqui Plus Juice 946ml
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Maqui Plus Juice BlendAristotelia chilensis Maqui berries contain the highest ORAC value of any known berry and is a rich source of vitamin A, C, calcium, iron, potassium and anythocyanins. Maqui berries have been traditionally used to boost the immune system and help neutralize free radicals. Our unique blend is synergistically formulated to create a super antioxidant cocktail with the added natural benefits of Acai, Pomegranate, Blueberry and Raspberry. Some of the traditional benefits of each key ingredient: Maqui ~ Supports Healthy Aging* ~ Helps cells from oxidative stress* ~ Supports Healthy Inflammatory Function* ~ Supports Immune System Health* ~ Support Cardiovascular Health* ~ Treats sore throat, diarrhea, ulcers and fever* Aai Juice ~ Promotes weight loss* ~ Improves mental clarity* ~ High antioxidant content* ~ Combats premature aging* ~ Helps increase energy levels* ~ Helps to bolster the immune system* Blueberry Juice Concentrate ~ Helps maintain eye and vision health* ~ Contains powerful, active antioxidant compounds which combat free radicals and help protect against cell damage* ~ Helps maintain Heart Health* ~ Helps maintain healthy Kidney and Urinary Tract function* ~ Blueberries can help to prevent premature aging* ~ Blueberries have anti-inflammatory properties* Raspberry Juice Concentrate ~ Helps to rid the body of phlegm* ~ Strengthens and vitalizes blood circulation* ~ Natural source of ellagic acid which can help protect against cell damage* ~ Raspberries are rich in antioxidants; both phytonutrients and vitamin compounds Pomegranate Juice Concentrate ~ Helps maintain a healthy heart* ~ Has naturally occurring high levels of ellagic acid* ~ Helps to maintain healthy cholesterol levels* ~ Helps to maintain healthy blood pressure* ~ Helps to alleviate symptoms commonly associated with menopause* ~ Pomegranate is a natural astringent and is high in both Vitamin C and Iron*